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Chinonye Tehi Agboli
Radio Broadcaster
Company director of Avill Production Ltd
& Founder of Hephzibah Beulah Charity;
a Christian organisation that cares for the needs of
women and children.
  1. Managing Director

Chinonye Tehi

The World

The world wants to accept you when you’re desirable or relatable. God wants you just as you are.

You should never have to beg or force or
even ask someone to love you. Love that is
not freely given is no love at all.

Fear is a Lie

Don't loose your inner voice to fear. Those who stand out are those who choose to shine in spite of.


God loves you, he is not looking for a sin to pin on you;
God is blessing you and turning you away from anything that turns you from God.
Jesus Christ died for you and paid the price of your sins on the cross. Jesus said go to the wayside and invite the bad and the good. Salvation is free for all who accept Jesus Christ is the payment for sins.
Freely you have received forgiveness from God freely forgive.

    The Meek

When it looks like everything is going wrong 
just make sure your mind is right.

God is Love

It is Never God's intention to take away Free will from us. The same God that Commanded Adam not to eat from the tree, did not hold Adam's hand shouting no don't do it, while he ate the fruit. No Free will is what we're born with. We are born free and God wants it to remain that way! He doesn't want us bound up in lies and soul ties, unable to move forward because of worry, hatred, un forgiveness, gossip, fear and all these things that men get tangled in. God's intention is to meet us where ever we invite him to, at whatever point we are and be the Spirit of truth, a way out of Bondage. With his mercy he delivers us, even hiding us in the valley for refuge during our hard times. Exercise your free will today, having Love at the premise of your heart. Freely we have received forgiveness from God, Freely we should give it too.